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In our field of business, producing the service demands special knowledge and management of the service entity. The introduction of the new technology, like excavation automation in cable and channel excavation make sure that the customer gets the good results.

Our diverseearth construction and hydraulic engineering is expanding now to ground bracing

As our work is expanding, can we answer even better to our customers needs.  From the start of the August 2020 we offer:

Sheeting and pile driving services



To guarantee high-quality service, we have bought modern equipment. We can start our contract work within two months. We accept call for offers and queries from the start of the June 2020.  The modern Movax equipment and the professional work supervision are guarantees of our high-quality service.  Our supervisors experience in sheeting and pile driving services within over 20 years confirms that we can offer you building services in demanding pillaring targets. 


Lisätietoa palvelusta

Leif Gräsvik

Regional Manager

Jari Angeria

Regional Manager

Heikki Lämsä

Regional Manager

Jorma Malinen

Regional Manager

Jussi Mänty

Rovaniemi, Kittilä Mine
Regional Manager

Get to know our references

Excavation work, mine services

Ni Su - Project

Years 2019-2020
Customer: Terrafame Oy
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Cable lines, Excavation work

Dna and telia: Fibrecable lines in Oulu

Since 2017
Customer: Voimatel Oy ja Eltel Networks Oy
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Cable lines, Excavation work

Forest line - Petäjävesi- Pyhänselkä 400kV

January 2020
Customer: Empower PN Oy
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Excavation work, mine services

Strora enso - Area Maintenance

Since 1985
Customer: Stora Enso
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Cable systems

We have experience in construction of underground cable systems, overhead lines and lines over waters. We constantly develop our equipment and method to respond our customers needs in cable projects. With expertise gained during several years and hundreds of kilometres we've built, we can respond to the needs of our customers no matter the challenge.



Wide-ranging civil works know-how is one of the most important foundation of our services. The introduction of new technology guarantee good result for the customers. We update our equipment and educate our personnel in order to respond to customers needs. Different kinds of infrastructure projects, water and sewer systems, district heating lines and street renovations belong to our services.


Factory Services

We work around the year in challenged targets in large-scale industries in Kemi, Oulu, Sotkamo and Rovaniemi. We serve manufacturing companies in several tasks that support processes, around the clock.


Transport and lifts

Our transport services move around with heavy trucks, skids and tankers. We respond to mining industries transport needs with articulated dump trucks and high capacity mining trucks. Part of our trucks are equipped with cranes varying between 22-35 tm.


Mine Services

We provide mining support services such as mine tunnel equipping, maintenance, road maintenance and material hauling. We take care of the receiving and dismantling of incoming materials and we transport building materials from projects warehouses to the tunnel. We provide and maintenance infrastructure in mines and in opencast mines, so the proper mine action is possible.


Other services

Our another services are for example Heat Work and steaming services. We want to respond to our customers constantly changing needs and we are ready to develop our service selections in pursuance of that.
Feel free to send your proposal for collaboration to us!